Global Data Center Locations



NTT Global Data Centers Americas operates 650,000 square feet of data center space that is engineered and built to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, cooling, and physical security solutions for mission-critical IT systems and applications. Our Enterprise Data Center has been specifically designed to provide 100% availability of power and cooling, scalable beyond power densities of 18 kilowatts per cabinet and up.


NTT Global Data Centers Americas technologically advanced, patented electrical infrastructure offers 2N+2 redundancy -- twice the redundancy of a standard Tier 3 data center. As an additional safeguard, our custom-designed N-Matrix™ infrastructure management system monitors and controls the entire electrical distribution system. In addition, it is monitored 24x7 by on-site Operations Control Center engineers. For you, this means an unprecedented level of reliability and an industry leading 100% service level agreement – even during maintenance windows.


Like our power system, we provide a 100% uptime service level agreement on our cooling systems, because we’ve designed and tested them to that standard. Our cooling systems are designed to the same reliability level as our electrical infrastructure -- they are fault tolerant and concurrently maintainable. As with our power systems, the N-MatrixTM infrastructure management system provides full-spectrum, 24x7 monitoring and control of the system, overseen by our Operations Control Center engineers.


NTT Global Data Centers Americas offers a multitude of highly available internet and connectivity options, ranging from traditional IP services to redundant, high speed connections between our Ashburn and Sacramento data center campuses. With our two campuses combined, NTT Global Data Centers Americas has almost twenty carriers built into our data center facilities, giving you a wide range of connectivity options.


When it comes to security, NTT Global Data Centers Americas stops at nothing. Our comprehensive, defense-in-depth, biometric security system is engineered to fully protect your mission-critical IT assets. NTT Global Data Centers Americas tightly controlled operating environment and deliberately nondescript facilities ensure that your data and your systems are safe and secure.

NTT Global Data Centers Americas monitors the physical security of our data center campuses around the clock, with a full staff of professional security personnel at our on-site Security Control Center. While they're keeping an eye on the premises, engineers in our Network Operations Center are constantly monitoring facility operations and data security.

The facility's physical surveillance includes pan-tilt-and-zoom digital recording cameras, 360-degree perimeter and roof observation, event-driven intrusion detection systems, and locked-down floor tiles with an under-floor intrusion detection system.

NTT Global Data Centers Americas security access controls ensure that only authorized customers have access to the facility. Pin-code access keypads, proximity card readers, and biometric iris scanners monitor every access point. Weight sensitive portals control multi-person entries. And the system monitors and logs the entry and exit of each visitor to our facility and/or customer cages. So our security staff has constant knowledge of the whereabouts and activities of all individuals within the data center facility.