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Strategic, Financial, and Technical Considerations for Wholesale Data Center Buyers

Webinar - Stretegic and technical considerations for wholesale data centers

As the transformation to digital commerce and mobile devices continues to drive business, the requirements for more processing and storage capacity, as well as bandwidth, continue to expand to meet the rising demands. Managing your own IT infrastructure to be able to meet the escalating demand for performance and capacity as your customer base grows and data increases can quickly become complex and costly. As a result, even some sizeable organizations that have the financial resources to build large scale data center facilities are reconsidering the need to design, build and own their own fleet of geographically diverse data centers to meet changing requirements.

While retail and wholesale colocation offerings have been available for long time, the scale and scope have changed for wholesale offerings. There has been a significant shift of larger organizations toward wholesale colocation and cloud based solutions, as well as the development of an integrated “connected campus” offering a hybrid of both.

This webinar examines the strategic, technical, and financial factors that CIOs, CTOs and others in the C-suite should consider when evaluating wholesale colocation solutions.

Jim Leach - NTT Global Data Centers Americas
Julius Neudorfer - North American Access Technologies, Inc.

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