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Data Center Knowledge: Hyperscale Cloud Case Study, Selecting the Right West Coast Data Center Solution

Webinar - Learning from the Hyperscale Clouds – Selecting the Best West Coast Data Center

Hyperscale cloud companies and Fortune 100 enterprises need a data center footprint in Northern California. The problem is that data center supply in Northern California is constrained, real estate and power costs are high, and there is an overhanging risk of earthquakes.

In this webinar, Bill Kleyman, cloud and virtualization architect at Data Center Knowledge, discusses west coast data center requirements and solutions with Harmail Chatha, Director of Global Data Center Operations at Groupon, a global leader of local and online commerce.

Bill Kleyman, Data Center Knowledge
Harmail Chatha, Director Global Data Center Operations at Groupon
James Leach, Vice President Marketing at NTT Global Data Centers Americas

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