Flexible, scalable and global data center colocation

Data Center Services

At NTT Global Data Centers Americas, we are passionate about delivering flexible, scalable, and highly available colocation data center services to meet the dynamic business needs of our clients. NTT Global Data Centers Americas premier data center colocation services enable your enterprise to meet strategic business objectives by accelerating time to market, improving operating efficiency, and avoiding costly downtime - all while addressing both your current and future mission critical IT demands.

By using our world-class data center facilities with onsite security and monitoring as a home for your computing systems, you can be confident that your systems have what it takes for 100% availability. Use our design, installation, telecommunications, storage, and project management services to tailor your data center colocation solution to meet the unique needs of your business.

Dedicated Vaults and Private Suites

Dedicated Vaults and Private Data Center Suites

NTT Global Data Centers Americas design has been optimized to deliver dedicated vaults and private suites for large-footprint deployments. These solutions can include dedicated entrances, access controls, and electrical panels. Multiple configuration options are available. Please contact NTT Global Data Centers Americas to discuss your requirements.

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Custom Cage and Cabinets

Custom Data Center Cage and Cabinets

NTT Global Data Centers Americas has the unique ability to design and construct custom cages for your multi-rack deployment and offer customers needing a smaller 1-3 rack space the benefits of NTT Global Data Centers Americas award winning data centers. NTT Global Data Centers Americas can manage the selection and acquisition of racks including the latest in color coded racks, and our data centers are designed to support 8 foot, 9 foot, and 10 foot racks. Please contact NTT Global Data Centers Americas to begin planning for your deployment.

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Remote Hands and Eyes

Take advantage of NTT Global Data Centers Americas team of expert, multi-disciplined IT technicians to drive down your costs and improve your operating efficiency. NTT Global Data Centers Americas offers comprehensive Remote Hands and Eyes services on a per-unit and unlimited basis.

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Cabling and Design Services

Cabling and Design

We offer full-spectrum infrastructure services at our colocation facilities, ranging from network design and architecture to cable management planning and installation, utilizing expert installation staff. With years of data center expertise and a team of seasoned infrastructure architects, we can design a system that maximizes your IT performance while minimizing your IT cost.

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