RagingWire Data Centers - Customer Success Stories

Zendesk's Cloud-Based Customer Service Platform Lives in RagingWire's Mission Critical Data Centers

Zendesk is the software that keeps the blood flowing throughout your organization. Zendesk's cloud based software is the industry leader for customer support, self-service, and customer engagement.

Polycom completes data center consolidation and improves availability

The data center consolidation project into RagingWire's Sacramento data center campus generated a 55% reduction in overall costs to maintain Polycom's IT footprint and improved power availability.

Gracenote keeps its database safe and operational at RagingWire

The move to RagingWire's Sacramento data center allows Gracenote to keep its critical servers, storage, and network gear in a secure, disaster-proof facility located outside the Bay Area earthquake zone.

Flextronics selects RagingWire for 100% uptime and top-level security

Flextronics is a global leader in end-to-end supply chain solutions. They needed a data center provider with a 100% uptime guarantee and top-level security. RagingWire's 100% guaranteed uptime and the resiliency of the data center ensures that the Flextronics' servers and applications are available 24/7/365 to all of their worldwide locations.

CallidusCloud - Software as a Service (SaaS)

CallidusCloud currently processes over 10 billion transactions per month through a complex computing system of thousands of virtual and physical servers as well as over 3 petabytes of storage.

Aeronomy - Private Cloud Hosting Provider

Aeronomy builds cloud computing and data analysis systems that are core to their customers’ business operations. Named after the branch of science that studies the upper atmosphere, Aeronomy software sits on top of the cloud.

BMI Imaging Systems

BMI trusted RagingWire to help take their business to the next level. RagingWire’s carrier neutral facility offered massive network connectivity, defense-in-depth security, high-density power, and most importantly 100% availability.