Ragingwire is becoming NTT Global Data Centers Americas

RagingWire CEO Doug Adams talking about RagingWire becoming NTT

As one NTT family, we are looking forward to doing greater things with intelligent technology solutions for you and the communities you are serving around the globe.

RagingWire has been owned by NTT since 2014, and has been operating as an independent entity since that time. Now NTT is combining 31 of its affiliate companies (including NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security) into one new entity with:

  • 40,000 employees
  • USD 11 billion in revenue
  • MPLS WAN in 190+ countries
  • 160+ data centers in 20 countries and regions with 33 multi-cloud connects

What does this mean to our customers? Let’s start with what is not changing. Everything that you like about RagingWire will still be in place. RagingWire will continue to be the data center platform for the Americas under the NTT brand.

There will be no change to your contract, service, or customer representative. Customers will be able to reach their day-to-day contact in just the same way as before.

There will be new benefits for customers however. As a result of RagingWire coming together with these other NTT affiliates, we’ll be strengthening our offerings. Customers will have access to managed services such as cloud, deployment management, cybersecurity, and call centers, with global support for hyper-converged infrastructure.

As a fully NTT branded company we will continue providing you with more capabilities than ever before. This means we’ll:

  • Deliver high-value solutions to help you achieve your business modernization and business transformation goals
  • Create new markets and business demand to help achieve your innovation goals
  • Build on a strong foundation of global talent, global brand trust, and core NTT organizational values

We're not just evolving with change, we're leading it. Together we do great things.

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