RagingWire Awarded Patent for Scalable, Distributed, and Redundant Power in Data Centers and Critical Facilities

Design, Systems, and Methods Enable Customers to Scale and Configure Power Delivery without the Downtime and Risk of Traditional Pod-based Approach

December 20, 2012

RagingWire Data Centers, the nation’s premier data center provider, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,294,297, RagingWire’s second patent of 2012, covering systems and methods for implementing a massively scalable, phased-build power delivery infrastructure with 100% availability. This patent has been implemented in RagingWire’s data centers in Sacramento, California and Ashburn, Virginia. The technology is crucial in RagingWire’s ability to quickly scale data center capacities in response to customer demand without interrupting power load, causing customer downtime, or introducing operational risk.

“Our second patent award of 2012 was conceived and implemented solely with our customers in mind,” said George Macricostas, founder and CEO of RagingWire and one of the inventors awarded this patent. “We found that scalability and availability were our customers’ chief concerns. Our vision was to deliver 100% data center availability even during expansion and maintenance with infrastructure that could scale quickly and transparently to our customers. This patent recognizes the innovation that helped transform our vision into a reality for our customers.”

Traditionally, data center providers expand their facilities by building out a series of rooms known as pods. Each pod is allocated its own power and cooling infrastructure. However, if a customer wishes to scale their power draw beyond the defined amount in the pod, they typically must expand their footprint to include another pod of power, cooling, and space. RagingWire saw an opportunity to enhance the old data center phased-build approach with an objective of improving customer experience. With this patent, RagingWire improved upon the distributed redundant UPS (uninterruptible power supply) topology by adding a unique cross-facility power switching fabric that allows live IT power load to be shared or moved across the entire facility, regardless of where or when an individual UPS is installed.

The patent also recognizes RagingWire’s innovative implementation of a distributed redundant UPS topology that is pre-programmed for phased expansion without customer power interruption or maintenance windows. This technology and process gives RagingWire customers assurances not possible with other colocation providers. First, the confidence that as RagingWire’s data center facilities grow, customer power availability actually increases due to the fault tolerance of the distributed redundant UPS configuration. Second, our customers have peace of mind knowing that the process of scaling the facility (and their IT systems) does not decrease their power reliability since critical infrastructure elements can be maintained while running.  

“The driving force behind this patent is to move and scale critical power for customer IT systems in a way that doesn’t compromise availability or density,” said Charles Linkhart, chief engineer at RagingWire and the primary inventor in the patent award. “The systems and methods of the invention allow the power distribution system to grow step by step without interruptions to the load or reductions in the redundancy of the system. With this patent, we are applying RagingWire innovation to common-off-the-shelf (COTS) data center technologies to create a unique power delivery system that is always on, massively scalable, and dynamically reconfigurable.”

About RagingWire Data Centers
RagingWire designs, builds, and operates mission critical data centers that deliver high-density power and 100% availability. The company has 650,000 square feet of critical data center infrastructure in Northern California and Ashburn, Virginia and the highest customer loyalty scores in the industry. Their patented power delivery systems and EPA ENERGY STAR rated facilities lead the data center market in reliability and efficiency. With flexible colocation solutions for retail and wholesale buyers, a carrier neutral philosophy, and unmatched customer service, RagingWire meets the needs of top enterprise, Internet, and government organizations. More information is available at www.ragingwire.com.