RagingWire Establishes Quality Assurance Unit and Names Engineering and Operations Executive Alex Naderi as Senior Director

Newly formed group focuses on holistic data center design and operations, energy efficiency improvements, and streamlined operations

August 26, 2013

RagingWire Data Centers, the nation’s premier data center provider, announced today that the company has appointed Alex Naderi to head the recently created Quality Assurance Group. Alex’s focus as RagingWire Data Centers is an EPA ENERGY STAR certified data center.the Senior Director of Quality Assurance is to streamline and expedite the installation of energy efficiency improvements across RagingWire’s data center facilities. He will be building upon the successes of RagingWire’s efficiency efforts to date, including EPA ENERGY STAR rating for the company’s two Sacramento data centers, LEED Gold certification for its second Sacramento data center, and its recognition as an EPA ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Champion in 2012.

“Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to lead the Quality Assurance Group, and we’re extremely fortunate that he has joined the RagingWire team,” said Jason Weckworth, vice president of data center operations at RagingWire.“His ability to analyze equipment operations and design efficiency on an integrated and single-component basis will enable the company to optimize energy and cost savings throughout the data center life cycle.”

Alex brings over 20 years of experience in engineering, management, data-driven system performance analysis, and quality assurance to the RagingWire team. He will lead the Quality Assurance Group’s efforts to further reduce RagingWire’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), an industry standard metric of how much power is required to cool a data center’s critical IT load. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, Alex will also spearhead efforts to leverage the large amount of data produced from infrastructure and building automation systems into reportable and useful data center trending and analysis tools.

“I’m thrilled to be leading the Quality Assurance Group and driving innovation and energy efficiency in RagingWire’s data center design and operations,” said Naderi. “I’m privileged to join a company where there is a sustained focus on highly available data center engineering designs as well as energy savings and environmental stewardship.”

There are a number of energy efficiency and sustainability projects that Alex will take on at RagingWire, in addition to identifying new opportunities for efficiency and cost improvements. Immediate projects include installing adiabatic humidifiers to replace gas-fired humidification units and reusing heat from the data floor to add humidity to the data floor environment as required. Other projects include hot aisle containment optimization, installing airside economization at the company’s Sacramento facility, evaluating evaporative cooling methods, developing standards for future RagingWire water system designs, and optimizing automation and infrastructure control systems.

About RagingWire Data Centers
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