RagingWire Delivers High Power Availability With High Power Density

SACRAMENTO, California
April 29, 2008

Power availability and high power and cooling densities are paramount for RagingWire’s clients. RagingWire Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (RES), a Sacramento-based premier data center and IT services provider, delivers 200 Watts/sq. ft. average power density to clients across its world class data center. The RES Enterprise Data Center (EDC) infrastructure is engineered for 99.999% power and cooling availability for maximum uptime.

“Our clients’ leading-edge enterprise IT equipment deployments require next generation IT infrastructure to meet their demanding business objectives,” said George Macricostas, CEO and Vice Chairman of RagingWire. “With careful consideration to environmental impact and resource conservation, we have very consciously and proactively engineered our facilities for highly available, high density power, and extremely efficient cooling to meet the needs of our large enterprise clients.”

To ensure high power availability, RagingWire’s Tier IV data center features a dedicated redundant on-site 69kV power substation for critical power and cooling. Further, RES’ N+2 redundant backup generators are electrically and mechanically independent to ensure no cascading failures.

Power availability is interdependent with cooling availability. As with RES’ power systems, cooling loads in the RagingWire EDC are served by modular, independent systems with no common points of failure. Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are redundant at N+6 minimum. Each chiller and its auxiliary systems are completely independent of the other chiller systems. Furthermore, the chilled water plant has N+2 redundancy. The power and cooling design objective is modular scalability, concurrent maintainability, and absolute fault tolerance.

“Our systems are designed so that we can fix one component and have another break, while we experience an unforeseen utility outage, and still carry the critical load in the data center,” said Yatish Mishra, President and CTO of RagingWire. “Individual power and cooling systems can be shut down for maintenance without reducing redundancy below N+1.”

Cooling is critical in providing high power densities. RagingWire’s hot aisle-cold aisle architecture is designed for maximum efficiencies to exceed American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. With its efforts to maintain a controlled temperature gradient and avoid wasting energy, RES’ current power utilization efficiency (PUE) ratio far exceeds the industry norm for Tier IV data centers.

About RagingWire
RagingWire Enterprise Solutions provides highly custom and flexible IT solutions to meet the business needs of large, data-intensive enterprise companies. RES’ highly reliable and secure Enterprise Data Center facility is engineered to provide "five nines" (99.999%) availability, with highly scalable power and cooling. This world class infrastructure along with premier managed IT solutions enables clients to reduce their operating costs, speed time to market, and focus on their core competencies.