Quick Start Technology Helps Ensure Reliability and Improves Energy Efficiency at RagingWire

Quick Start Feature Shortens Chiller Restart Time

September 21, 2009

Quick Start technology from Johnson Controls (the global multi-industrial leader in energy efficiency, is helping to ensure reliability and improve energy efficiency at the RagingWire Enterprise Solutions data center in Sacramento, Calif.

The Quick Start feature, available for YORK® centrifugal chillers equipped with OptiSpeed™ variable-speed drive, is designed to reduce time for chiller restart after power failure by as much as 75 percent. Quick Start software rapidly brings a chiller back on-line and thus re-establishes the design chilled-water temperature to keep process equipment cooled and reduce the risk of expensive downtime.

The Quick Start feature is essential for process applications, and data centers like the RagingWire’s Enterprise Data Center (EDC). This 220,000-square-foot, Enterprise Class, fault-tolerant, concurrently maintainable facility offers highly reliable and scalable power, cooling and physical-security solutions that maintain Fortune 1000 companies’ mission-critical IT applications and infrastructure. The RagingWire facility is the first data center in the world to install the Quick Start feature. The company worked closely with Johnson Controls to jointly develop and test this new capability.

The chiller plant at the RagingWire Enterprise Data Center consists of six YORK centrifugal chillers from Johnson Controls, each retrofitted with the Quick Start feature. The plant can provide up to 6,300 tons of cooling capacity to meet the facility’s N + 2 redundancy requirements across all systems. The Quick Start feature has reduced the time required for chiller restart and return to chilled-water setpoint from 13 minutes to as little as 2.5 minutes during power interruptions or utility transitions.

The quick return to the specified leaving chilled-water temperature (LCHWT) has enabled RagingWire’s Data Center to raise its chilled-water temperature by 5 degrees F, providing round-the-clock energy savings. Previously, the LCHWT and supply-air temperature (SAT) were set artificially low to allow more time (in case of a power failure) for the temperature on the data floor to increase without exceeding the upper limit. By ensuring a faster restart time, this buffer can be reduced, the LCHWT and SAT increased, and energy is saved as a result.

“The Quick Start technology has been the cornerstone of our chiller efficiency program,” said Jim Kennedy, Senior Facility Manager at RagingWire. “This feature provides us with the redundancy and reliability our clients require. By enabling us to increase our chilled water temperature setpoint by 5 degrees, the feature also saves as many as four million kilowatt-hours annually in our 24/7 environment, that translates to savings in the neighborhood of $320,000. This initiative, combined with other key investments in efficiency, has allowed us to deliver services to our clients with no appreciable price increases, even though our cost of providing services is constantly increasing.”

“As a result, we’re able to offer our customers the secure solutions they demand while taking advantage of system efficiencies that ensure competitive pricing. Their confidence in our ability to effectively and reliably host and manage their IT systems increases as we continue to update our facility with state-of-the-art technologies like the Quick Start feature,” Kennedy said.

“Our careful attention to both physical and logical security has established us as a premiere site for high-density co-location and disaster-recovery sourcing services. In short, our state-of-the-art facility offers the kind of bandwidth, availability, scalability, flexibility, concurrent maintainability, and fault tolerance not commonly found in a commercial data center.”

For additional information on the Quick Start feature for YORK centrifugal chillers, visit the Johnson Controls Web site at www.johnsoncontrols.com/quickstart.


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