Remote Hands and Eyes – Unlimited and Enabling

Remote Hands and Eyes

Providing unlimited support for your technical infrastructure

Why send your valuable staff to the data center to perform tasks that can be easily handled by our dedicated staff – 24 x 7? You can rely on our trained experts to be your on-site hands, eyes, and ears – without worrying about budget or time constraints. Our simple pricing model allows you to utilize our highly-skilled staff through an on-demand or scheduled basis. The unlimited remote hands and eyes service removes the headache of staffing personnel in Sacramento or Ashburn, as well eliminating after-hours on-site needs for your infrastructure.

Unlimited: utilize our expert technicians without worrying about budgets or variable costs for erratic on-call volumes. The service eliminates the proverbial question faced by every IT manager, "Should I call and be charged a fee for someone to go look at my machine, or should I wait until we are back in the data center?" You shouldn't gamble with your colocated equipment – if it needs to be 'touched' then you should feel free to call and have our team help, without worrying about per incident charges.

Enabling: the service enables you to make the best decision where you should colocate your gear – without the constraints of staff limitations. For example, Bay Area companies securing colocation space want to be outside earthquake sensitive zones, thus Sacramento works perfectly. We understand the tradeoff for a more stable physical location can make it a little tougher for staffing and getting things done within your cabinet or cage in a 24x7 world. Our unlimited remote hands & eyes service now enables you make the best decisions without the constraints of yesterday’s support model.

You'll have access to highly qualified IT professionals who will perform a wide variety of services from basic troubleshooting tasks to tape swaps and equipment installation in your NTT Global Data Centers Americas space. Both of our Network Operations Centers are staffed 24x7, thus we can typically be in your cage in 15 minutes* to take care of your requests.

When choosing a colocation partner, technical and talented remote hands and eyes services should be part of your decision-making process. NTT Global Data Centers Americas believes that the support we provide beyond our world class infrastructure helps drive the value you receive and makes operating your IT infrastructure more efficient.

On-Demand Services Available: