Highly Flexible Custom Cages and Cabinets to Meet Your IT Needs

Custom Cages and Cabinets

NTT Global Data Centers Americas has the unique ability to design and construct custom cages for your multi-rack deployment and offer customers needing a smaller 1-3 rack space the benefits of NTT Global Data Centers Americas award winning data centers. NTT Global Data Centers Americas can manage the selection and acquisition of racks including the latest in color coded racks, and our data centers are designed to support 8 foot, 9 foot, and 10 foot racks. Please contact NTT Global Data Centers Americas to begin planning for your deployment.

Custom cages may include many options. Specialized lighting can be installed in addition to standard ceiling lighting to provide additional visibility for specific aisles or racks. Cooling can be enhanced through containment systems, rack skirting, and special floor tiles to assist with the flow of air within hot aisles and cold aisles. Specialized security can include sub floor meshing, a cage top, iris scanners and badge readers, as well as high definition video cameras integrated with NTT Global Data Centers Americas security systems. Additional seismic bracing can be installed to protect particularly sensitive equipment. In some locations, we have onsite fabrication systems to allow us to build one-off enclosures to meet unique requirements.

Customers requiring 1-3 racks will want to take advantage of our dedicated spaces with assigned and lockable cabinets. These cabinets are installed and tested, offering defined power delivery, cooling, and network options. As part of the NTT Global Data Centers Americas facility, these 1-3 rack customers can also use the shared lounge spaces, conference rooms, and 24x7 shipping and receiving. Plus the cabinet farms are protected by NTT Global Data Centers Americas end-to-end physical security systems and officers.