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What makes Hillsboro, Oregon such a unique site for a data center? The location. Customers looking to expand globally can connect through subsea cables off the shores of Oregon to the Asian Pacific market. Watch the video below to learn how this benefits end users from our very own Shoieb Yunus, Director of Network Strategy.


Why Citadel Analytics Chose NTT Global Data Centers Americas for their AI Needs

For Ryan Fontaine, CEO of Citadel Analytics, data is everything to his business. Being an AI and Machine Learning company, it's crucial to have a reliable, secure, and globally connected data center. Hear why Ryan and his team trusted NTT to provide that and more.



March 31, 2020

Customer Update: ISP bandwidth overage fees waived through April

We recognize that one of the many ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis is that many of our data center clients like you may have been forced to use extra bandwidth in order to keep your business functioning.

We also understand that there was no way for you to budget for those