CallidusCloud - Software as a Service (SaaS)

2,000 companies count on CallidusCloud to drive sales and revenue.

CallidusCloud® (NASDAQ:CALD), is a leading provider of cloud software, enabling organizations to drive performance and productivity across their businesses using the CallidusCloud system for hiring, learning, marketing and selling. Over 3,000,000 million users at 2,000 small, medium and large enterprises across multiple industries and geographies rely on CallidusCloud for better marketing and smarter selling.

CallidusCloud currently processes over 10 billion transactions per month through a complex computing system of thousands of virtual and physical servers as well as over 3 petabytes of storage.  Having been a RagingWire customer for eight years, CallidusCloud had experienced first-hand the 100% availability, high security, and world-class customer service that is part of RagingWire’s data center colocation solutions. 

When CallidusCloud decided to streamline their infrastructure by consolidating data centers and software systems, they went through a thorough evaluation of multiple providers. They selected RagingWire to be their data center partner and platform.

Growing 30% per year, CallidusCloud also needed to plan for additional capacity around the world. RagingWire’s affiliation with the global data centers of NTT Communications in 150 locations gave CallidusCloud the confidence that they made the smart choice in data centers for today and for the future.