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Aeronomy - Private Cloud Hosting Provider

Aeronomy selects NTT Global Data Centers Americas for redundancy and availability.

Aeronomy builds cloud computing and data analysis systems that are core to their customers’ business operations. Named after the branch of science that studies the upper atmosphere, Aeronomy software sits on top of the cloud, enabling small and medium sized businesses to easily access applications from their desktop computers and mobile devices.

Using their application management system called WorkPlace, Aeronomy dynamically builds private cloud computing systems that are tailored to the unique needs of individual users and groups. All Aeronomy systems are fully secured and designed to scale.

Why is Aeronomy building its cloud business at NTT Global Data Centers Americas?  They like that NTT Global Data Centers Americas data centers are built and operated for redundancy and availability – always on. Also, Aeronomy is in a fast-growing industry, so they value the metered pricing model and patented power delivery system that allow you to “pay as you grow” without having to expand into another cage. Overall, Aeronomy appreciated the award-winning architectural design, customer lounges, and amenities that make a NTT Global Data Centers Americas a good place to work.

This three-minute video shows you how Aeronomy is building next-generation clouds in their NTT Global Data Centers Americas cage. In a world of mobility and diverse work locations, Aeronomy cloud services stand out, providing a glimpse into the future of corporate IT.