Never Lose Power With Zipper Logic™ Power Management System

Zipper Logic

The Zipper Logic™ power management system is an innovative combination of technology and process that enables RagingWire to move power loads between sources on-demand or in response to a utility loss followed by a generator failure. When using the Zipper Logic system as part of a RagingWire colocation solution, your IT assets are protected from a power outage.

RagingWire Zipper Logic SystemRagingWire’s patented 2N+2 power delivery architecture leverages the Zipper Logic system to maintain the essential upstream supply of power. The Zipper Logic system seamlessly manages the sources of generator-backed utility power to continuously supply power to downstream UPS units and cooling infrastructure.

The Zipper Logic system and operational procedures were designed to solve a potentially catastrophic outage for a data center – a loss of utility power followed by a failure of a generator. A sample scenario could be, while maintenance is being performed on a UPS there is a concurrent failure in the backup UPS and a drop in utility power. RagingWire customers are protected from power outages with the Zipper Logic power management system and 2N+2 power delivery architecture, even during maintenance windows, and we guarantee it with our 100% availability service level agreement (SLA).


Why the “Zipper” in Zipper Logic?

The Zipper Logic system uses hardware, software and process to create a system that connects multiple critical loads (N) to N+1 power sources, such that the loss of a source (or another diverse need for a source) automatically transfers the loads to an alternate available UPS. In the diagram, the load is moved to the left or right much like the action of a zipper until all loads are fed without overloading a source.

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