Steve Manos

Steve Manos
Senior Vice President of Sales
Leadership Team

Steven Manos is Senior Vice President of Sales at NTT Global Data Centers Americas.

Steve has over 20 years of experience in generating revenue, while also directing enterprise business development, critical facility infrastructure, modular data center solutions and other mission-critical tasks related to large scale IT environments.

Prior to joining NTT, Steve held the title of Chief Business Officer at Server Farm Realty, LLC, a data center developer. Previously he was Chief Business Officer at Canara Inc., a predictive analytics company. He has been the owner of Manos Internetworking Group, an IT infrastructure consultancy, since 2003. Steve was also the General Manager of the North America Division at Norland Managed Services, and Central Region Manager at Lee Technologies / Schneider Electric.

Mr. Manos earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography-Environmental Engineering from Drake University.