Head to Head: Why RagingWire is the smart choice

Head to Head: Why RagingWire is the smart choice Equinix

RagingWire Data Centers - Ashburn, Virginia
RagingWire’s mission is to design, build, and operate the best data centers in the world. Our data centers feature industry-leading automation and technology, patented power delivery systems, and a superior design for redundancy and availability. With RagingWire, you can scale your power and cooling infrastructure as you grow and our contract terms are flexible, too, so that you’re not paying for power that you’re not using. RagingWire is fanatical about customer support – our technicians are in-house, 24x7, and you’ll talk to an expert inside your data center, not some international third party service. We are proud to be recognized with the highest customer loyalty score in the data center industry. Take a look below at a comparison with just one of our competitors and choose for yourself which data center colocation provider is right for you.


We offer a 100% uptime SLA (service level agreement) with a patented 2N+2 design and innovative N-Matrix DCIM.


RagingWire’s patented, proven critical infrastructure is 2N+2 redundant through the use of a proprietary electrical distribution system and N-Matrix DCIM. Our data center facilities are fault tolerant and concurrently maintainable (what we call fix-one-break-one) with a simultaneous utility power outage. In the unlikely event that a natural disaster strikes, our customers have the confidence that their IT infrastructure will weather the storm.


Equinix has multiple redundancy models, as their facilities vary due to acquisitions. Their general stated redundancy is N+1. For example, that means there could be only one backup power supply in a customer’s power path. Their data center facilities are fault tolerant or concurrently maintainable, but not both. Additionally, for some sites, critical infrastructure such as generators and HVAC is not owned/controlled by Equinix but by another entity.

Pricing Models

With RagingWire's metered power pricing, you only pay for the power you use.


RagingWire charges by the kilowatt. Pay for only the power you use. We’ll let you ramp your power requirements as you grow inside your existing footprint – no additional cages that you have to cross connect inside the same facility. You won’t pay for power upfront that you may or may not use. Our contracts are simple and our ordering process is fast. We’re upfront with our SLA: 100% for provisioned power and cooling.


Equinix charges customers by the cabinet in a discrete, tiered kW/cabinet scheme. Should a customer require a 12 kW cabinet, they must buy two 6kW cabinets according to the Equinix pricing model. The company also builds their data centers using a pod-based power structure, so if a customer’s pod is already at capacity, they are forced to have multiple cages across a single facility.

Security and Compliance

Our in-house security team reinforces nine layers of physical, electronic and biometric (iris scan) access controls to reach your cage.


RagingWire’s security teams are in-house, not contractors. They’re career police and military veterans who are dedicated to security and a world-class customer experience. From the time you turn onto our data center campus until you enter your cage, you’ve passed through nine layers of physical, electronic, or biometric (iris scan) access control. All of our data centers are PCI DSS and SSAE 16 Type 2 audited with zero exceptions.


An outsourced security team staffs Equinix data center facilities. Hand scanners are used to control access to high security areas. Customers must pay a fee to have Equinix support for a compliance audit in their facilities.

Power Density

RagingWire offers high power density up to 22 kW per cabinet with the ability to scale as you grow. Efficient and automated mechanical systems keep your servers cool.


RagingWire can support upwards of 22kW per rack in our data centers. No need to buy additional “virtual” racks to ensure proper cooling. You can expand your deployment vertically at RagingWire as we support racks upto 10 ft. tall. Plus RagingWire advanced mechanical systems ensure that your servers and storage devices run cool according to ASHRAE standards. We use multiple sources of water, airside and waterside economization, N+2 redundancy, and hybrid cooling modes for maximum cooling and efficiency.


Equinix offers overhead, aggregated cooling and can support cabinet densities up to 6 kW per rack. To increase above 6kW/rack, customers must purchase an additional “virtual racks” in order to create the space required to cool the additional power density. A typical installation at Equinix uses standard 42u racks (about 6.5 ft. tall).

Customer Support

Our customer support teams are 100% RagingWire employees and they are located inside our data centers 24x7.


RagingWire’s customer support staffs are 100% RagingWire employees and 100% located inside our data centers. The same technicians that answer your support call are the ones that fulfill unlimited Remote Hands and Eyes requests. They’ll even FaceTime with you to give you eyes when you’re not there. No wonder we’ve got the highest customer loyalty scores in the data center colocation industry!


When you call Equinix customer support, you’re really making an international call. Equinix outsources first level customer support to an international 3rd party vendor.

*All information based on publicly available data. Equinix is the registered trademark of Equinix, Inc.