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Building a Culture with Pride

Happy Pride Month! Our people are the heart and soul of everything we do, and this June, we are embracing the opportunity to stand by and support our LGBTQ+ employees, communities, and their allies. With the recent creation of our diversity and inclusion mission statement, efforts have been put forth this past year to empower our employees to be the change they want to see. For us, awareness initiatives, such as Pride Month, means using the power of connection that we embody every day to model and encourage acceptance, to embrace differences, to promote self-affirmation, and to celebrate the human connection in all its forms and expressions.

As we move through the remainder of this year, we will continue to build upon the achievements we have already made in creating a more equitable workplace with thoughtful intention, accountability, and a promise to do better. As part of Pride Month, we are focused on putting employee engagement at the forefront by offering possibilities to connect through various developmental and educational trainings, groups, and events. These offerings will foster our vision of building a culture of greater belonging where everyone feels valued and accepted.

We are proud to create Employee Resource Groups

We have implemented a standard operating procedure to promote our inclusion and diversity objectives though the implementation of a company-wide Employee Resource Group (ERG) program. Our ERGs will endorse and align with our overall business initiatives and will serve as an extension of support to foster awareness and understanding within the workplace.

This program will include an LGBTQ+ ERG whose leadership team was officially announced earlier this month. Throughout June, the steering committee of this vital network will be working together to create a vision, mission, and charter for the group to give employees the opportunity to collaborate with one another while acting as a resource for leadership to identify culture concerns and solve problems.

We are proud to honor the history of the LGBTQ+ community

We are partnering with ONE Archives Foundation, the oldest continuously operating LGBTQ+ organization in the United States, for a prideful event on the history of the LGBTQ+ community. This virtual educational experience will ensure that our employees are accurately educated on the historical events, triumphs, and tribulations that have shaped this community.

We are proud to deliver diversity training

During the month of June, we have asked employees to strengthen their awareness by completing LGBTQ+ in the workplace training. Additionally, employees are invited to take part in our “Love is Love” TED Talk Lunch and Learn where we will be viewing and discussing an employee-selected presentation in a thought-provoking, safe conversation.

With the current growth and expansion our team is experiencing, let us take this time to consider the role each of us plays in the lives of our colleagues and members of our communities. Let us take this time to reflect on the harmony that acceptance brings, the innovation that purpose brings, and the immeasurable significance that self-worth and belonging brings. Let us take this time to do this with Pride.

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