Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - May 6, 2020


Our security and operations teams want to remind everyone entering any of our data centers of the mandatory requirement that masks must be worn during your entire time in the data center.

We also are asking everyone to follow social distancing protocols and walk/work 6 feet apart. By adhering to these requirements, your team will help our continuous effort to protect everyone working at our data centers.

Please ensure that you have masks available for your staff who are required to enter the data center at any time, and please instruct all staff that masks must be worn at all times while onsite. If a worker arrives at the data center without a mask, we will issue a mask to that employee on a limited basis. Masks will be tracked and customers will be alerted that their teams did not arrive with the proper PPE required to enter the data center. If anyone is not wearing a mask in the data center, they will be asked to put on a mask immediately or will be asked to leave the data center.

We appreciate your support as we continue to keep both your employees and our data center staff safe and protected during this ongoing pandemic.Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff or your client representative.


Bob Woolley
Sr. Vice President of Operations

NTT Global Data Centers
(Formerly RagingWire Data Centers)

A message from Doug Adams, President and CEO of NTT Global Data Centers Americas

April 22, 2020

As we move into the 2nd month of COVID-19 quarantine, I wanted to take a few moments to check in with our customers, partners and vendors during this challenging ongoing situation.  We are all clearly adjusting to a new reality as we have shifted to a remote working model and continue to implement new procedures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers who are required to still work in the data center. 

I personally have been adjusting to working at home, and our teams have done a great job adapting to 100% usage of video conference tools, although my dog Coco seems ambivalent to being on camera all day long. Although the majority of our teams are now working from home, we all remain committed to managing our data centers and ensuring that we are supporting our customers’ needs now and in the future.

We are continuing to work to bring new capacity to market 

We continue to work closely with our construction partners at all our sites to find ways to stay on schedule without putting anyone at risk.  Together with our partners, we have implemented new safety protocols and procedures to ensure that teams can safely continue construction on our data centers.  We remain on track across several data center developments in Oregon, California, Virginia and Illinois. 

How can our customers help? 

We are continuing to add new precautionary health and safety measures, including a temperature scanning protocol for everyone who enters any of our facilities. We are asking anyone who is not required to be in the data center to avoid coming in.  We have not closed any of our facilities at this time, but ask for your help in minimizing the number of people entering our facilities, and avoiding any non-essential contact within our facilities. 

Our team is here to support you 

If you have any questions about these protocols or procedures, please contact your account manager or your specific site contacts.  We are all dedicated to support our customers and maintain the highest levels of support across the data center, while keeping everyone safe and not spreading this disease.  

You can reach our NOC 24x7 Support team at 916-286-3000 to answer any questions and connect you with operations personnel at each site to assist with any needs that might arise.     

Thank you for your cooperation and patience at this critical juncture in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to update you with any changes in procedures, and we look forward to resuming our normal operations as soon as we are able. 

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best,

Doug Adams
President and CEO

NTT Global Data Centers Americas

Why Choose Hillsboro, OR for your next data center? An interview with Steve Lim and Bruno Berti.

NTT's brand-new Hillsboro, Oregon data center campus combines one of the most advanced trans-Pacific fiber networks in the U.S., renewable power options, and favorable business tax incentives with NTT’s world-class data center expertise, services, and a global platform. Listen to our Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Steven Lim and our Vice President of Product Management, Bruno Berti discuss our 144MW Hillsboro Data Center campus, opening this summer.

Discover Something New About Hillsboro, Oregon

Details on Hillsboro Data Center Campus Design

Why Hillsboro, Oregon Is Such A Favorable Location 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020



COVID-19 Update: New Temperature Scanning Protocol


As part of our continuous action plan to keep our data centers safe from COVID-19 contamination, we want to make sure that we keep all of our customers and partners updated with the latest developments across our data centers. As we continue to evolve and add to our protections and safety measures, we are now implementing a temperature scanning protocol for all people entering our data centers. Furthermore, we are also asking everyone who enters the data center to wear masks while working in the facility.

This protocol will go into effect on Monday, April 20,2020.

We wanted to share specifics about this new protocol, and ensure that everyone who is required to enter the data center is aware of this new health screening protocol. Please tell your employees who expect to access our data centers that the following procedure is now in place:

  1. Individuals entering the lobby will be instructed to remove any eyewear or hat that may impact the temperature reading.
  2. Our security staff will use a handheld thermography imager to scan the visitor’s temperature.
  3. Our staff will wear N95 masks and gloves and use the imager to scan the individual while standing at least six feet away, as noted by a tape marker on the floor.
  4. Any person with a temperature reading of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be instructed to leave the data center and remain offsite for 14 days or until otherwise proven to be virus-free.
  5. Two different testers will conduct up to three scans of any individual with a temperature reading above the limit before turning them away.
  6. If any individual scans above the temperature threshold, additional cleaning/sanitization will be conducted of the lobby area above and beyond the procedures already in place.
  7. Our HR Department will notify the designated POC of the individual’s company that we have scanned their employee’s temperature as being 100 degrees or greater, and convey the requirements for the individual to reactivate their on-site access.

Furthermore, we are also asking everyone who enters the data center to wear masks while working in any of our data centers. As the guidance continues to evolve, we are moving to adhere more closely with the latest recommendations that everyone working in public wears a mask, and we are implementing the following guidelines:

  • All NTT employees will wear a mask provided by NTT at the start of their shift.
  • All NTT contracted vendors and contractors will be required to wear a mask while in our buildings; their employer is responsible for supplying the masks.
  • Contractors/vendors employed by our clients will be asked to wear a mask (supplied by their employer) while working within the buildings.
  • Clients will be asked to comply with CDC and local authorities recommending the use of masks.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with these new procedures, and hope that you and your family are staying safe during this time.


Bob Woolley

Sr. Vice President of Operations

NTT Global Data Centers

(Formerly RagingWire Data Centers)

Customer FAQs - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1. How has NTT Global Data Centers been impacted by the Coronavirus? 

NTT Global Data Centers Americas continues to operate its facilities, which have been deemed “essential businesses” or “essential infrastructure” with all operations continuing at normal levels, although staffing adjustments have been made to limit our employee exposure and interactions while in the data centers.  We have also asked all of our non-essential staff to work remotely and not access the data centers during this time.

All the different departments and teams across the company have also taken a proactive approach to formulating a detailed and careful response to COVID-19 and implementing this pandemic response plan which intended to ensure health, safety, and operations of its clients and employees as part of our ongoing operations.

2. What action is NTT Global Data Centers Americas taking to mitigate and manage the data centers during this pandemic?

We continue to work diligently to maintain our data center environment for our customers, and have implemented specific actions to maintain and operate our data centers during this time, including: 

  • Conducting sanitizing activities daily in our workplaces and providing hand sanitizer throughout the facilities for all building occupants 
  • Requesting customers, contractors and visitors to self-disclose if they have traveled to or from a high risk area and if that travel has been within 14 days of when they are planning to visit a data center  
  • Requiring all non-essential employees to work remotely until further notice, and restricting all access for these employees within the data centers; only mission critical teams are allowed in the data centers at this point in time
  • Asking all customers, vendors and contractors to limit data center access unless absolutely critical to maintain specific operations; we are encouraging the use of our onsite smart hands team to perform simple tasks rather than customers coming into the data center
  • Implementing new health screening protocols for all employees and customers before entering any data center, and limiting access to multiple buildings by customers and contractors to minimize exposure across sites

3. What steps has NTT Global Data Centers taken to ensure the data centers can continue to operate at full capacity/service levels if the pandemic creates a distribution in staffing or delivery of services? 

All the critical infrastructure systems are being maintained at the highest level of readiness and still supported by our data center operations teams. Specific items that are being managed ongoing include:

  • Fuel tanks are topped off and maintained at all sites with minimum 24 hours of fuel with contracts in place for refueling in the event it is needed
  • Extra spare parts have been ordered and are stocked at each site for all critical electrical and mechanical systems 
  • Non-essential maintenance has been deferred for now, and only critical work is being performed across the data center systems and infrastructure
  • All vendor service organization business continuity plans have been examined and approved by our internal teams to ensure they meet our standards and integrate with our pandemic response plans
  • We are in ongoing contact with the utility companies and other key suppliers to ensure we have clear lines of communication established and we have clear line of sight if there are any potential power disruptions

4. What is the NTT Global Data Centers response if employees or customers exhibit flu-like symptoms while onsite?

If our teams are notified by employees or contractors that they are feeling unwell, we will immediately implement safety and isolation measures to limit any potential exposure and isolate employees.  This process includes:

  • The affected employee will be isolated and quarantined immediately (either sent home or asked to stay home if they are calling in sick)
  • The onsite teams will clean and sanitize the entire data center and identify any areas the affected person entered or accessed prior to being identified as potentially sick
  • Our security team will track all employees and contractors that the affected person came into contact with, and those individuals will be isolated for 14 days
  • NTT Global Data Centers team will notify all affected customers and vendors, and ensure that anyone who may have come into contact with the employee is alerted and quarantined

It is important to note that all these actions are implemented with anyone who calls in sick or shows any symptoms.  This process does not require a positive test or any specifics about what type of illness is being exhibited.

5. Will you notify customers if there is a confirmed case at a site by either employee or customer/vendor that visits the site?

Yes. If there is a positive confirmed case where someone who was working within the data center tests positive for COVID-19, our teams will notify all customers who may have been impacted or exposed at the site where the positive test case was confirmed.

6. What are NTT plans to backfill an employee that may become ill?

Our operations team has implemented a program where employees that are working in the data center are organized in a way where exposure across teams is limited, and additional staff is in the ready to step in if a team member is ill.  If an employee also alerts the team that they are feeling ill, any team members that came into contact with that employee will also be isolated until we can determine the illness and ensure its safe to come back to work.  In this event, we have alternating teams that can step in while these teams are ill or being quarantined.

7. Does NTT have the ability to remotely monitor and manage the data center operations under the most extreme scenarios, which may include blocking access to all employees onsite?

Yes.  The NTT Global Data Centers Pandemic Response Plan includes monitoring and managing the data center remotely, which in many cases has already been implemented.  Our NOC team has shifted to a primarily remote monitoring process, which allows for minimum staffing onsite to only critical support teams that are needed to maintain critical operations and respond to emergencies across the data centers.

For more details on our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan, you can click here.

The Gateway to the Asian Pacific Market? Hillsboro, Oregon.

What makes Hillsboro, Oregon such a unique site for a data center? The location. Customers looking to expand globally can connect through subsea cables off the shores of Oregon to the Asian Pacific market. Watch the video below to learn how this benefits end users from our very own Shoieb Yunus, Director of Network Strategy.

Video Transcript:

It's a really exciting time in the market. A lot of new technologies are available that we can leverage and provide as advanced network services to our customers. Hillsboro, Oregon is definitely a unique position for us to be as it not only allows us to connect to the busy West coast, but to the Asia Pacific and Japanese markets.Those are really rapidly growing markets.

Because customers today, they are not just doing business locally on a smaller footprint. Many times they want to connect to cloud service provider in one region, and then they want to have a diverse path in another region.

There are tier one carriers and major cable landing stations off the shores of Oregon and neighboring Washington state. And then major cloud service providers are also in close proximity. That makes Hillsborough a unique position for next big data center market, and that's quite remarkable.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

Customer Update: ISP bandwidth overage fees waived through April

We recognize that one of the many ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis is that many of our data center clients like you may have been forced to use extra bandwidth in order to keep your business functioning.

We also understand that there was no way for you to budget for those unexpected and sudden bandwidth overage charges, thus adding more financial stress to a situation where you need fewer things to worry about, not more.

We would like to do what we can to provide some relief to our data center customers that subscribe to RagingWire's Blended Internet product so that you can stay focused on running your business and supporting your customers. That is why we are immediately enacting the following two measures to help you save money while providing the amount of bandwidth you may need right now.

Effective immediately through the end of April 2020:

  • We are eliminating all penalty charges associated with ISP bandwidth overages on RagingWire's Blended Internet product. If more bandwidth is used, you don’t have to worry about incurring additional fees, your actual usage will be billed without penalties.
  • We are waiving all term requirements for ISP bandwidth upgrades, so you can increase your bandwidth for a short timeframe and adjust it back anytime. If you think you will be bursting for an extended timeframe, please contact your account manager so we can plan accordingly and find a mutually beneficial solution.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these measures. We hope these temporary changes help take one more concern off your mind.

We are all in this crisis together, so do not hesitate to let us know if there are any other actions we can take to help as this situation continues to unfold.

We greatly appreciate your patronage, and we wish you, your team and your family all the best.

Bruno Berti
Vice President of Product Management

*This is only for RagingWire product offers to customers within RagingWire data centers and does not apply to any service from carriers that customers contract with directly.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020

To our Valued Customers,

As the global pandemic of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to evolve, we want to provide an update on our ongoing response to clients and partners during this challenging time.

Our teams are working diligently to continue to maintain mission-critical data center operations and support for you and your customers. We have had several customers ask us what they can do to help during these difficult times, which we greatly appreciate.

Going forward, we ask that all of our customers use extreme caution when deciding whether or not to come into the data centers — please do not consider this business as usual at this point in time.   

We are asking for your help to limit the spread of the virus and protect the safety and well-being of our on-site employees working to maintain critical data center operations. 

Here are a few things that you can do to help:

  • Do not come to the data center unless absolutely necessary: Our data centers are still open and fully operational. We are asking all customers to please avoid coming into the data center unless critical work needs to be performed.
  • Utilize our onsite staff for your tasks: Please remember that we have onsite staff that can help with simple tasks through our remote hands and eyes services—we ask that you consider using this team before sending staff into the data centers. For more information, please contact your account manager or call 916-286-4090 to schedule services.
  • If you must come in, here are steps to help protect the safety of your teams and ours: If you have an urgent task that mandates you coming to our data centers, we ask that you limit the areas you access. Avoid all common areas and shared workspaces within the data center. 

Here is what we are doing to protect the people in our data center:

  • Health screening protocols: We are implementing new health screening protocols by asking all entrants to the data centers about their recent travel and any illnesses. We ask for compliance from all of our customers and partners, and patience from your staff as we implement these additional steps.
  • New  building  access protocols: We are changing access protocols to help avoid cross contamination across physical sites:
    • We are now asking all customers and staff to enter through the main lobby of each building and to be cleared by security before entering internal spaces. 
    • We will not allow any personnel to travel between buildings, including our own internal employees. Any client, guest, or contractor that is permitted or authorized to come onsite (essential personnel) will be allowed to enter a building but will be refused entry to another building should they request to, or if they show up at another building.
  • Increased cleaning and sterilization: For the past several weeks, we have implemented increased cleaning and sterilization throughout the data center to help limit potential exposure to customers and employees. 
  • Handling shipments and packages appropriately: All shipments and packages are handled by employees with gloves and are quarantined for a period of no less than 24 hours. 
  • Keeping all non-critical personnel away: For the past two weeks we have directed all our non-critical personnel to work remotely, thus minimizing chances for the virus to spread from person to person. 

Thank you for your cooperation at this critical juncture in the global fight against the COVID-19 virus. We will continue to update you with any changes in procedures, and we look forward to resuming our normal rules of operation when the time is appropriate.

Remember, the best thing you can do right now to help keep our data centers safe is to simply stay away from the facilities. Please utilize our on-site staff for simple tasks as much as possible. 

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or your specific site contact below: 

You can also reach our NOC 24x7 Support team at 916-286-3000.

Thank you, 
Doug Adams
President and CEO
Joe Goldsmith
Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer
Bob Woolley
Senior Vice President of Operations
RagingWire NOC 24x7 Support: 916-286-4090
RagingWire General Line: 916-286-3000

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

To our Valued Customers,

There is no higher priority to us than the well-being of our clients, partners and employees. We have been working closely with local health and government authorities to take the appropriate precautionary measures across our data center sites.

As the situation regarding the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to evolve, we want to reassure you that we have plans in place to keep our data center facilities open and serviced with critical operations continuing at any hazard threat level.

We have put some precautionary measures in place in our Shipping and Receiving Department to help contain the potential threat, and minimize the risk to both customers and employees:


Shipping & Receiving Department Precautionary Measures

  • All incoming shipments, to include mail, are being directed through the Shipping and Receiving Department
  • All packages and mail are being carefully handled with gloves
  • All packages will be received with care and placed in quarantine for a period of no less than 24 hours
  • All package deliveries, made by Security, are suspended for the time being
  • Security must be notified of any urgent package (a package needed prior to the 24-hour quarantine) that is needed by the addressee
  • Any packages that must be released prior to the 24 hour hold are to be decontaminated with a 10:1 bleach solution by Security and air dried before being released
  • All urgent packages must be picked up at the S&R area from Security personnel
    • All packages released before the 24 hour hold period will be opened by Security in the presence of the addressee
    • If necessary, the inner package will be decontaminated prior to releasing the item(s) to the addressee
    • All packaging will be appropriately disposed by Security personnel after releasing the item to the addressee

This directive applies to all mail, packages, and shipments of equipment delivered and received by the on-site Security team. If you have any further questions around these precautionary measures, please contact your Account Manager.

Best regards,
Bob Woolley
Senior Vice President of Operations

Edward Ankers
Sr. Director, Corporate Security


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