Why Send Your Staff to the Data Center to Rack Just One Box?

by Bill Dougherty
23 August 2012

It's 2a.m. Do you know who is working on your servers?

This week RagingWire announced our new Unlimited Remote Hands and Eyes service, and I couldn’t be happier.  Prior to joining RagingWire, I was a RagingWire customer for over 10 years in addition to working with most of the other major Northern California Data Centers. One of my pet peeves was always the remote hands offerings. They stunk… I could never properly budget for them and I never received consistent service delivery. At most data centers, including RagingWire, remote hands was a time and materials service (T&M) - Every time I called, the clock started ticking. At least RagingWire staffed skilled IT workers 24x7. Too often, the other data centers used security guards to provide their remote hands service.

I believe the combination of T&M billing and inconsistent service causes individuals to make bad decisions. A hard drive fails and a decision is made to roll the dice and wait until you can send someone to the data center to replace it. Or even worse, companies let the proximity of a facility become a primary decision criteria for your data center selection  because you know that occasionally someone needs to touch your equipment and you don’t trust the guys on the other end of the phone.

Help is here. RagingWire’s new service helps address these problems, and more. What we’ve done is create a service that allows for an unlimited number of Remote Hands and Eyes support requests for a fixed monthly fee –with a guaranteed response SLA. We fulfill this service with skilled technicians in our California and Virginia NOCs that are staffed 24x7, not with security guards (I have nothing against security guards, however they should be providing security services, not IT services). Because our service is unlimited, you don’t need to wait until the morning to get someone to move a cable, cycle a server, or swap a tape. Additionally, the clock doesn’t start ticking when you call -- your fee is fixed which makes it easy for budgeting and planning.

So what else is covered by this service? Visual equipment checks, loading media, and incremental changes such as adding a new server or switch – plus more. Why send your staff to the data center for half a day when all you need is one box racked? Ship it to us with instructions. We’ll rack it, cable it, document it, and let you know when it’s ready for use. This really is a great new service and it’s priced low enough to make the ROI compelling for customers of every size.

If you’d like more information, talk to your account rep. I hear we’re giving away a free iPad to one lucky customer who inquires about this service. That could be you!

Bill Dougherty

Sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer