Get Your Copy – The Launch of InterGlobix Magazine!

by James Leach
03 May 2019

When we first heard of a new magazine called InterGlobix that would cover “the intersection of data centers, connectivity, luxury, and lifestyle” we were intrigued to say the least. What would the articles be about? What would the magazine look like?

InterGlobix far exceeded our expectations. It’s gorgeous and full of great articles on the industry.

Publishers Jasmine Bedi and Vinay Nagpal utilized their industry experience, publishing savvy, and tireless, round-the-clock dedication to generate the premier issue of InterGlobix magazine, which debuted with 140 pages of interesting information and compelling visuals delivered with a lustrous look and feel.

James Leach, VP of Marketing with InterGlobix Founder, Vinay Nagpal at RagingWire Data Centers

RagingWire was honored to be featured in several places in the magazine, which was launched globally in markets including the U.S., South America, the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Monaco, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Singapore. Look for RagingWire in:

  1. CEO Diaries” where RagingWire President and CEO Doug Adams writes a first-person account of his travels to integrate RagingWire into the global data center platform of NTT with 140 data centers in 20 countries.
  2. An article titled “A Visual Exploration of RagingWire’s Newest Pacesetter in Ashburn” that highlights our state-of-the-art VA3 Data Center in Ashburn, Virginia, the #1 data center market in the world.
  3. A cover story called “The Godfather of Data Center Alley” about industry icon Buddy Rizer, Executive Director of Economic Development for Loudoun County, Virginia. Check out the photo shoot of Buddy dressed as “the godfather” at various spots throughout our Ashburn Data Center Campus, currently home to the VA3 Data Center and future home to VA4, VA5…and beyond.]

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James Leach

Vice President, Marketing