Take the pain out of data center budget meetings

by Evan Bass
09 December 2019

Budget meetings. They’re everyone’s favorite pain-fest, right up there with dentists’ appointments and tax audits. You start with a hale, hearty, healthy IT budget, and then you’re told to cut, cut, cut… and cut some more. Good times.

So with all the edicts to save money, what’s the best way for CTOs and CIOs to keep mission-critical IT operations running smoothly and still make the bean-counters happy?

The answer is to find a state-of-the-art data center that delivers flawless network operations – all for a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

That might sound impossible, but as the saying goes, “impossible happens.”

But where? Let’s build the suspense for about 30 seconds before the big reveal.

There’s a location with data center power to be had around 4 cents per kWh. That rate crushes every other major U.S. data center market, and makes the TCO conversation with your CFO go a lot smoother. This location also has multiple power providers to choose from, which means more options and packages to choose from when compared to other places with only a single provider.

This data center location offers other financial advantages as well. There is no state corporate income tax and real estate is affordable. In fact, the cost of doing business here is 4% lower than the national average, and exponentially lower than other major metro areas like New York and San Francisco, according to Moody’s.

Another huge plus is that the state that this data center market is in is the only one among the contiguous 48 that has a standalone electric grid entirely within the state. This independent grid reduces the risk of rolling power outages, strengthens reliability, and stabilizes energy prices.

In addition, renewable energy packages are available. In fact, this state adds more renewable energy capacity from wind and solar sources than anywhere else in the entire country. Ali Greenwood, Senior Vice President of Data Center Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), stated that last year, over 20,000 megawatts of energy capacity was generated by wind in this state.

To sum up, this market has low-cost power with renewable energy available, sweet tax breaks, the reliability of an independent power grid, and multiple providers to choose from. Where the heck is this place?

Enough suspense. We’re talking about good ole’ Texas.

For businesses in general, Texas has been named the best state for business by Chief Executive magazine for 14 years in a row, since the inception of the survey.

For data center customers, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a mecca for companies looking for capacity available today, and for those looking to the future to grow their space in an affordable market.

At our 42-acre, securely fenced data center campus, we can give you the best deals in Dallas-Fort Worth for customizable space. We would love to show you first-hand exactly what we have to offer at our 16-megawatt Dallas TX1 Data Center, which has been featured in media outlets such as Dallas Innovates, Data Center Frontier, and Bisnow.

So if it’s time to sunset your current data center, or you’re looking to expand into a new facility, let us know when you would be available to meet. You’ll find that we are absolutely driven to provide IT solutions with flexible terms for companies of all sizes.

Evan Bass

Marketing Communications Manager