Introducing RagingWire Backup Services

by Annie George
17 April 2013

I used to be a tape-based data backup manager – a tape labeler -- a tape rotator – a tape scheduler – a tape library/spreadsheet manager – a restore-from-tape nightmare wake-upper. My tape-based backup programs generally worked as they should, but they involved a lot of manual labor that could have been devoted to other tasks. Over two years as an IT manager, it became clear to me that there had to be a simpler, more reliable way to backup data.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce RagingWire’s new Backup Services, a disc-based enterprise grade data backup platform that automates onsite storage and offsite replication for customers inside RagingWire’s world-class data centers. Best of all – no more tapes!

RagingWire’s New Backup Services – Engineered for the Enterprise

We utilize the same best-in-breed enterprise data protection technology for our Backup Services that many large enterprises use for their own data backups: Symantec NetBackup™. The product supports multiple databases and applications as well as both physical and virtual servers in order to automate and standardize your backups onto one unified platform. Secure encryption at the customer device keeps your data safe and sophisticated deduplication technology shortens your server backup windows. RagingWire’s 24x7 Network Operations Center is just a phone call or email away when you need to restore.

Onsite Storage. Offsite Replication.

As a company, RagingWire focuses on providing the nation’s best data center colocation services. We back up our 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the most advanced data center infrastructure and we have the happiest customers in the industry. So why is RagingWire introducing Backup Services? Simply speaking, our customers ask for disc-based backup services located inside both our data center campuses in Ashburn and Sacramento. Options include onsite storage in a customer’s current RagingWire data center and offsite replication to a customer’s remote RagingWire data center. We want to give our customers the assurance that unlike a cloud backup, they’ll always know where their data is. It’s located inside a RagingWire data center and our customers have access to restore 24x7 via our expert Network Operations Center staff.

Are you a current RagingWire customer? Take a minute to check out the Backup Services data sheet or contact your account manager to see how we can help you get rid of your tapes and simplify your data backup strategy.

Curious as to how you can further optimize your data backup strategy? Head over to Jerry Gilreath’s excellent blog post: 5 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Data Backup Strategy.

Annie George

Product Marketing Manager