Making Every (Inter)Connection Count

by Annie George
30 August 2013

It’s been an interesting week or two of data center news! “London Internet Exchange takes space in EvoSwitch.”  “Digital Realty announces Open Internet Exhange.” “Open-IX movement goes public.”

So what is happening here? What is the problem that is solved with “open” internet exchanges?

As a frequent North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) meeting participant, I’ve heard growing angst in the internet peering ranks about perceived points of failure presented by having single buildings in major internet hubs (e.g. New York, Ashburn, London, Amsterdam) house commercial internet exchanges. Remember Hurricane Sandy? Beyond geography, questions were raised over the treatment of telecommunications carriers and the manner in which interconnections are made as opposed to the European interconnection model (member-driven, multi-site, public).

The biggest problem Open-IX is trying to solve, however, has nothing to do with geographic diversity or carrier treatment. It’s simple economics. In the United States, the major Internet exchanges are concentrated in the hands of a few data center companies and those companies charge carriers a premium for the right to participate in the exchange. Open-IX lays this case out in their framework document as “The Interconnect Problem.”

RagingWire operates, from an interconnection point of view, in line with open internet exchange principles. All of the company’s data center facilities are carrier neutral.

RagingWire Data Centers - Marrier Meet Me Room

Carriers built into our data center aren't our customers, they're our partners in bringing highly available connectivity to our customers. Our network engineers are dedicated to building trusted, close relationships with all our carrier partners to make the ordering and provisioning process as easy and seamless as possible.

Open-IX is still in its infancy, but we look forward to continuing our long relationship with the participants. We share the desire to continually improve service and reduce costs for our customers. RagingWire is the nation’s leading data center colocation provider, focused on delivering 100% availability of power and cooling with easy access to internet connectivity and the industry’s best customer service. It’s all part of our commitment to making every connection count.

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Annie George

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