If connectivity is gold… Dallas is Fort Knox

by NTT Global Data Centers Americas
09 January 2020

Where should your business set up its data center presence?

That’s one of those questions that sounds like it could be complicated, but really it’s not. There are only a few locations that check all the boxes for optimal data center effectiveness.

For a lot of reasons, Dallas, TX is gaining tremendous momentum as an up-and-coming data center market. One of the biggest reasons is the area’s world-class connectivity.

Why should you care? Connectivity is gold to companies that depend on reliable network traffic. And Dallas data center customers are living in the Fort Knox of connectivity gold. They can count on their revenue-generating data getting to customers reliably and quickly – every time.

Dallas is a particularly attractive data center location because its central location within the U.S. means data travels to the rest of the country with very low latency. That point has impressed many large enterprises and cloud companies to prioritize Dallas as a major part of their global data center footprint. After all, these companies need to distribute applications around the world for maximum performance and reliability. For this strategy to work, connectivity is clutch.

And Dallas doesn’t just offer a robust central region connectivity hub, it does so with low TCO figures. Telecom giant AT&T’s long-haul fiber is prevalent in the area – benefitting all Dallas data center customers.

For example, our Dallas TX1 Data Center has dark fiber connections to the carrier hotels in downtown Dallas, providing access to over 70 carriers and global interconnectivity. For global secured networks, our clients can access high-quality, global network coverage in over 190 countries by using the Arcstar Universal One virtual private network (VPN) from our parent company, NTT.

In addition, our Dallas TX1 Data Center is directly connected to our data center campuses in the U.S. including Northern California, Virginia, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Phoenix and Pacific Northwest, so workloads can be balanced and backed up across the country. Lastly, we offer secure connections to the world’s top cloud and content providers.

We would love to show you first-hand exactly what we have to offer in Dallas. So if it’s time to sunset your current data center, or you’re looking to expand into a new facility, let us know when you would like to talk more about the solution that would work for you. You’ll find that we are absolutely driven to provide IT solutions with flexible terms for companies of all sizes.

NTT Global Data Centers Americas