3 Keys to Successful Customer Experience Transformation

by Audra Baker
15 May 2013

RagingWire Data Centers has the highest customer loyalty Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the industry. We recently completed our submission for Forrester’s 2013 Outside In Customer Experience Awards taking place in June. While we are likely up against some very tough competition for this award, it was a great exercise to look back and reflect on lessons learned from transforming our organization to focus strategically on customer experience. That is, not just doing the bare minimum to satisfy our customers, but proactively anticipating their needs and offering solutions to those needs.

Below are three keys to our success (after, of course, gaining full buy-in and support from senior leadership):

Employee Experience. A key element of your customer experience strategy should be employee experience, as the two are very closely aligned. And both have ideas that will improve your business, so foster a culture of soliciting, embracing, and acting upon feedback. Take immediate action to squash any sign of defensiveness, as it will undermine your entire customer experience program.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting. Ensure baseline metrics are established, so performance results can be tracked and then trended over time. This should include not only customer experience related metrics such as customer loyalty Net Promoter Score (NPS), but also business results such as revenue growth, earnings, and customer retention. While it feels good to do the right thing, remember that loyalty leaders are growing 2.6 times faster than their competitors. A successful program is about achieving improved business results.

Communication. Communicate results to all levels of the organization and to customers too. Letting employees and customers know how their feedback translated into positive changes in the business will reinforce continued participation and collaboration. And don’t forget to celebrate the wins too – share positive feedback right along with the not-so-positive. Communicate, educate, recognize. Rinse and repeat.

Of course there is much more involved with implementing and managing a successful customer experience program, but the three elements above were foundational keys to our success. Traditionally, the data center industry is notorious for poor service. RagingWire Data Centers ushers the data center industry into a new era: we add world class service and customer-centric colocation facilities to our patented 2N+2 infrastructure and 100% availability SLA. The result is achieving the highest customer loyalty Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the industry, validated by NPS co-founder Satmetrix

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Audra Baker

Director, Client Services