Inside Data Centers Podcast: How to Drive Revenue with Artificial Intelligence

by Evan Bass
16 December 2019

This episode of our Inside Data Centers podcast is about a technology that is literally “inside data centers”, as well as everywhere else around us. That technology is artificial intelligence (AI).

We know many of our data center clients are eager to find out how AI can help their business. So we asked two industry experts to describe how AI can be used, particularly to help companies either make money or reduce costs. Our podcast guests are:

  • Dave Copps, CEO of HyperGiant Sensory Sciences, a Dallas-based software company with a mission to deliver human perception at impossible scale. Back in 2017, Dave sold his AI startup, Brainspace, as a part of a $2.8 billion rollup.
  • Ryan Fontaine, the CEO and founder of Citadel Analytics, a Dallas-based AI company that has generated significant momentum since its startup.

Inside Data Centers Podcast: How to Drive Revenue with Artificial Intelligence

Oddly enough, both Dave and Ryan became involved in AI at least in part due to serious brushes with death – and that’s how the podcast begins...

Curious? The podcast is full of interesting insights and stories from Dave and Ryan, including:

  • Why does Dave start every day looking at an MRI of his brain?
  • How did a car crash start Ryan’s AI company?
  • Why did Dave chart his own course through college, showing up in classes he wasn’t registered for?
  • Why do Dave’s friends tell him he’s unemployable?
  • How does AI help companies more tightly focus their digital marketing strategies?
  • What is a short explanation of what a data scientist does?
  • Is AI at a point where it has surpassed human intelligence?
  • What is AGI, ASI, and narrow AI?
  • What are some practical applications of AI that companies can use to generate revenue or save costs?
  • How much data will humans eventually create?
  • How does AI augment, but not replace, human employees?
  • What are some memorable stories about how customers used AI?
  • How can AI help Fortune 1000 companies improve their marketing partnerships and drive more revenue?
  • How did AI help the Department of Justice bring months of case research to a close in 30 minutes?
  • Are there any industries that might not yet realize how much AI could help them make money or reduce costs?
  • What tips would you give to companies that want to use AI?
  • What will the future of AI look like?
  • How will the “Evolution of Trust” impact AI?
  • What profound question made Dave have to just sit for a minute and ponder the enormity of it all?

To listen to the full podcast, go to our inside data centers podcast library.

Evan Bass

Marketing Communications Manager