White Paper: "Cloud + Data Centers: An IT Platform for Internet Applications and Businesses"

by James Leach
22 January 2015

We are fortunate to be living in an era of incredible technological innovation. Over the last four decades, we have seen amazing advances in computing, storage, networking, and most recently data.

With every innovation, our nature is to view the new technology in light of what is currently available and understood. This “either or” mindset can limit the value we derive from both the current and the next generation of technology.

History teaches us that rarely does one technology platform completely replace completely. Instead, technologies build on each other like intertwined gears that combine to generate more power than they could individually.

For example, some IT experts predicted the death of the mainframe in light of personal computers. In fact, today the mainframe is a vibrant computing platform with demand being driven by the new computing systems. Mainframes, personal computers and a host of other devices work together in a computing fabric that delivers massive processing power.

The same has been said of the data center. On October 22, 2009, Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, now famously said, “Get out of the data-center stocks. I see an industry that’s about to be brought low by new technology, so I think you should sell, sell, sell.”

That "new technology" was the cloud, which not only did not kill data centers, but gave data centers a big growth shot in the arm. Consider RagingWire, a pure-play data center colocation company. Some of our biggest and fastest growing customers are in the cloud space. They count on us for 100% availability so their businesses are always running, and world-class customer service so they can focus their resources on their business not on their data center.

Much has been written about the cloud and data centers from a technical and a financial perspective. We decided to research the topic from a new view – the application developer.

Application developers are driving this next wave of technological innovation. They are taking the IT platforms that are available and writing powerful applications that make our lives better… or just more fun. In many cases, these applications have some genesis in the public cloud and then integrate private clouds and data centers.

We call this technology platform "Cloud+" and we partnered with Gigaom Research to write a paper that explores how and when this platform can be leveraged by the application developer.

We are proud of this paper and offer it to you free of charge so that you can include this Cloud+ approach in your application development and deployment strategy.

James Leach

Vice President, Marketing