The Gateway to the Asian Pacific Market? Hillsboro, Oregon.

by NTT Global Data Centers Americas
03 April 2020

What makes Hillsboro, Oregon such a unique site for a data center? The location. Customers looking to expand globally can connect through subsea cables off the shores of Oregon to the Asian Pacific market. Watch the video below to learn how this benefits end users from our very own Shoieb Yunus, Director of Network Strategy.

Video Transcript:

It's a really exciting time in the market. A lot of new technologies are available that we can leverage and provide as advanced network services to our customers. Hillsboro, Oregon is definitely a unique position for us to be as it not only allows us to connect to the busy West coast, but to the Asia Pacific and Japanese markets.Those are really rapidly growing markets.

Because customers today, they are not just doing business locally on a smaller footprint. Many times they want to connect to cloud service provider in one region, and then they want to have a diverse path in another region.

There are tier one carriers and major cable landing stations off the shores of Oregon and neighboring Washington state. And then major cloud service providers are also in close proximity. That makes Hillsborough a unique position for next big data center market, and that's quite remarkable.

NTT Global Data Centers Americas