Does Your Data Center Vendor Have You Handcuffed?

by Audra Baker
21 November 2013

The data center industry is not an industry traditionally known for good service. Maybe this is because customers used to have limited options, or maybe it’s because most data center service providers know that once you move into their facility, it is incredibly painful to move out. Regardless, the fact remains that most data center providers do not place a focus on service. At RagingWire Data Centers, we identified this reality as a strategic opportunity, a key differentiator for our business. And it’s paying off.

Over the past two years, we have been refining our formal customer experience practice. This practice is comprised of several key components.

  1. NPS Customer Loyalty Measurement. Customer loyalty industry leaders are growing twice as fast as their competitors. We put a measurement system in place utilizing the same Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework used by many global brands known for service. Think of your weight scale at home though, and the work needed to change the numbers. For this reason, we did not stop by simply measuring loyalty.
  2. Voice of the Customer. This allows customers to provide ongoing feedback and suggestions without having to wait until they receive the next NPS survey. Feedback and suggestions are analyzed and converted into actions with assigned owners and due dates.
  3. Customer Journey Mapping. This is a comprehensive end to end review of all customer interactions with us, from discovery to contract negotiation, implementation, invoicing and operational support. Our goal is to not only provide useful services, but also be easy and enjoyable to do business with.

Our customer experience practice is governed by a steering committee that meets regularly to review scores, trends, customer feedback and action item status. This committee also establishes strategic Customer Experience Practice at RagingWire Data Centersobjectives to continue moving the program forward. We were proud to have been verified as having the highest Net Promoter Score in the data center industry last year, and further validated this year by being named a finalist in Forrester Research’s ‘Outside In’ Customer Experience Awards.

Our customer comments tell us we are on the right path:

"I love working with RagingWire. You guys are beyond professional and make it easy for me to move customers in and out. I don't feel handcuffed at your location like I do at other data centers I work in. You really make my job easier by your flexibility and how helpful your employees are. I recommend your facility to every customer we have that’s thinking about relocating into a data center."

And our business results prove we are on the right path:

  • 30% annual growth rate
  • 60+% organic growth rate driven by loyal customer base
  • Accelerated expansions at all data center locations across the country to meet increased customer demand

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Audra Baker

Director, Client Services