Demystifying the Data Center RFP

by Shahid Javed
02 June 2015

If you are shopping around for a data center now or in the near future, I am sure that you either have a request for proposal (RFP) document available or one is being put together. Several RFP templates and suggestions have been put out over the years and companies put lots of time and efforts in developing and reviewing these proposals.  

Data center RFP documents come in all different sizes, shapes and yes, even weights. In a typical RFP, there are questions around the providers corporate information, data center facility specifications, availability, service level agreements (SLA), electrical and cooling specifications, network and connectivity options, professional and support services, and of course contract and pricing. 

As a smart data center buyer, you should properly define your business goals and lay out exactly what your company is looking for in terms of your computing requirements. Be clear and concise and ask the right questions to make sure your specific and unique needs are covered for today and the future.

To develop your request for proposal (RFP) core questions, start by involving everyone within your organization, partners, and customers that will be impacted by the data center. Also, make sure your questions are fully reviewed and organized before they make it into the final document. You may rephrase your questions as necessary so that they are meaningful, understandable, and yet specific. Don’t be too vague in your questions and include any supporting documents or helpful details to the data center providers.   

The RFP is a vital part of your data center selection process and asking the right questions is absolutely critical. Click here to watch an on-demand webinar on “5 RFP Questions Buyers Must Ask a Data Center Provider”. The key takeaways from this webinar can be applied to any data center RFPs whether you are looking for a few kilowatts or several megawatts of IT load. You will also be able to download an RFP questions guideline with some additional questions that can help with your RFP and data center selection process.

Data Center RFP Questions. Watch the webinar.

The request for proposal process should be the start of a great conversation with your data center provider and asking the right questions will help you reach a smarter decision faster. Good Luck!

Shahid Javed

Product Marketing Programs Manager