Educational Webinars for Data Center Professionals


Is Data Center Colocation the Right Approach for the Enterprise?

Is Data Center Colocation the Right Approach for the Enterprise?

If you are an enterprise with in house data centers, it’s time to start scenario planning for migrating your apps and data to colocation data centers and the cloud. This webinar will help you get started. View now »

Data Centers for Healthcare industry HIPAA compliance

Strategic, Financial, and Technical Considerations for Wholesale Data Center Buyers

There has been a significant shift of larger organizations toward wholesale colocation and cloud solutions. This webinar examines the strategic, technical, and financial factors that CIOs, CTOs and others in the C-suite should consider when evaluating wholesale colocation solutions. View now »

Data Centers for Healthcare industry HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Compliance and Data Centers: What It's Worth and How Do You Get There?

Watch this webcast to learn about the best practices and requirements for choosing a HIPAA compliant data center. Also learn how data centers ensure physical, environmental, and infrastructure security to protect patient information and meet the HIPAA compliance standards. View now »

Data Centers and the Bay Area - Pros and Cons

Top 5 RFP Questions Buyers Must Ask Data Center Providers

The RFP is a vital part of your data center selection process and asking the right questions to your provider is absolutely critical. Watch this informational webinar and you can learn about the five 'must ask' questions for data center buyers. View now »

Data Centers and the Bay Area - Pros and Cons

Data Centers and the Bay Area: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In this educational webinar, you will learn about the latest market research data on Bay Area data centers, mitigating operational risks (earthquakes, power costs, network latency) and strategies for designing a robust data center platform. View now »

Cloud and Data Center - The IT Platform for Internet Applications

Cloud + Data Centers: The IT Platform for Internet Applications and Businesses

This webinar brings together IT, cloud and data center experts to discuss the key application functions that drive platform decisions and what application developers should look for in their computing infrastructure. Join Gigaom Research analysts and industry experts. View now »

International Data Center Colocation

Understanding International Colocation and Best Practices

In this webinar, experts from across the globe participate in discussion of their respective markets in depth. The webinar discusses key colocation market trends, market analysis and key selection criteria for picking a data center in a foreign market. The webinar is now available on demand. View now »

Data Center Migration

Successfully Planning and Executing a Data Center Migration

This webinar will examine some of the major strategic issues that should be an integral part of your evaluation when forming a data center migration strategy. Listen to Data Center Knowledge contributor Julius Neudorfer talking about the planning and executing a successful Data Center Migration. View now »

RagingWire Webinar Series - Colocation Pricing

Data Center Colocation Pricing – How to compare multiple providers

Learn the industry secrets for different data center and colocation services pricing models so you know exactly what you're getting. Learn the unbiased details on pricing models, including the right questions to determine the best options for your company. View now »

RagingWire Webinar Series - How to buy Colo - Agents? Brokers? Direct?

How to Buy Colocation. Agents? Brokers? Direct?

Do you have the necessary resources to search for colocation services? When beginning a search do you know where to start or how to get from point-A to point-B? Are you going direct to providers or using an agent or a broker? A new search is inevitable and there are benefits to all three paths when researching and acquiring new colocation space to support your IT needs. View now »