Upgrade to Enterprise Grade Backup Services

Backup Services

Simplify Your Backups – Get Rid of Tapes.

Fed up with cumbersome tape libraries, tape management, tape changeouts? Looking for a unified and automated backup solution that satisfies your data protection and compliance requirements without breaking your budget?

RagingWire's disc-based backup product is powered by Symantec NetBackup™ enterprise grade hardware and is fully managed and monitored by our expert IT engineers and NOC technicians. We've designed a flexible, secure, high capacity backup service that will store your data and deliver it when you need it. It's easy to add backup services to your RagingWire colocation solution. Stop using tapes today!

RagingWire Backup Services Features:

Onsite Storage

  • Automation technology simplifies backups across physical and virtual servers
  • Easily restore with a quick call or email to RagingWire's 24x7 NOC IT staff and meet your return-to-operations requirements

Secure, Reliable Offsite Replication

  • Automatically send your backup data to RagingWire's geographically disparate data center campus
  • Replication target services are available for RagingWire customers already utilizing their own NetBackup appliance in their colocation cage for added data protection.

Data Deduplication and Encryption

  • Shortens backup windows so your applications run more efficiently
  • Customer-level data encryption keeps sensitive business data secure