Power Management that Takes Worry out of Your Vocabulary

Power Delivery Model

RagingWire's technologically advanced, patented electrical infrastructure offers 2N+2 redundancy -- twice the redundancy of a standard Tier 3 data center. As an additional safeguard, our custom-designed N-Matrix™ infrastructure management system monitors and controls the entire electrical distribution system. In addition, it is monitored 24x7 by on-site Operations Control Center engineers. For you, this means an unprecedented level of reliability and an industry leading 100% service level agreement – even during maintenance windows.

RagingWire's electrical infrastructure is concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant with a simultaneous utility outage. At our Virginia data center campus, power from the interconnected Beaumeade substation provides 21.5 megawatts of total power into the facility through hardened, underground electrical conduit. Our Sacramento data center campus has a feed from the local utility substation, as well as our own dedicated and owned 69 kV power substation which feeds directly to our campus. RagingWire offers an unprecendented level of multi-point reliability with a 2N+2 design throughout our power architecture – from industrial generators and uninterruptible power supplies to custom designed power distribution units.

RagingWire's two patents work together to make our power systems the most reliable critical infrastructure in the data center industry. RagingWire customers don't wonder whether or not we're doing the maintenance required to keep our systems in optimal condition - we engineered our infrastructure to account for maintenance and fault conditions without decreasing reliability. RagingWire's first patent encompasses the ability to conduct planned maintenance and correct fault conditions -- to take UPS systems offline for maintenance -- without any interruption in customer power or reliability. The ability to transfer live UPS load without impacting customer IT power allows RagingWire to give a 100% uptime SLA, even during maintenance.

Our second patent covers our massively scalable, phased-build power delivery infrastructure with 100% availability. With this patent, RagingWire improved upon the traditional data center pod-based power design by adding a unique cross-facility power switching fabric that allows live IT power load to be shared or moved across the entire facility, connecting any PDU with any UPS output. Our customers can grow their IT systems without worrying about scalability - we've engineered the current and future power flexibility required to meet their needs.